Date: 5/13/2020


Hello Guys and Gals! Let me tell you what you can find here. Here I am most notably known for my custom skins for the game League of Legends, or otherwise called Modding. I have a specific term for the kind of skins I create, which is Fusion Skins, essentially that means is I take Riots original files, particles and models and use those for creating a skin. I don't always do this, but when I do, I create my own. Also just to be clear, the new method to use skins can possibly get you banned, so I advise you to use a smurf account until we know skins are safe again! I do not sell/produce cheat skins that can help your game play, nor do I upload original Riot Skins. These are for Entertainment purposes only. Enjoy, Have Fun and please be respectful!

Fantome is the new custom skin installer for League of Legends made by Crauzer

Fantome Download Page


It has been exactly a year from today since I have posted something new. Good news! I updated some of my skins so they can be usable again! Also tweaked Hextech Garen a bit for particles. I may be posting new content soon. 

Wondering where MapSkins went? VOXSkins is the new MapSkins, the owner of the site took it down for unknown reasons, so for more custom skin options go to:

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