• New Gemstone Galaxy Embedded Design Model

  • New Dazzling Particles

  • New Loading Screen Card

  • Amber Universe Riven is for Base Only. Amethyst Galaxy Riven is for Redeemed Riven Only.

  • Increased Toxicity Levels By 35% - Guaranteed 

Known Bugs

  • None!


Creator Notes~

       Amber Universe Riven was an old skin I made before previously named Arclight Galaxy Riven, but I polished it and updated it. But I decided that the skin wasn't enough to be a full skin, so I made another one but for redeemed and made a unique theme between the skins. So here I present my duo themed riven skins, Amber Vs Amethyst!


Author: SavagePrey

Size: 7 MB Per Skin

Date Made: 9/3/2018

Amber Universe Riven

Amethyst Galaxy Riven

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