• New Custom Spooky Funny Model

  • New Witchcraft like particles!

  • New Loading Screen Card

  • Skin can be used for Base, Santa and Groovy Zilean

Known Bugs

  • The Q bomb texture is a little wonky, can't seem to fix this, not really a problem though


Creator Notes~

       I know this skin is late by a week or two, Wooxy was not acting right with the current patch but seems to be working perfectly fine now. 'Guardian of the Sands' Zed is in production as of now and I HOPE to release it soon (soon being 2 weeks) without any complications. Zilean is an old champion, and with any other old champion, their particle files are extremely hard to find versus newer champions and skins. Sorry for being late, next skin will arrive sooner. In the meantime enjoy this skin :)


Author: SavagePrey

Size: 19 MB

Date Made: 11/04/2017

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