Hello! This page is dedicated to requested skins and minor project skins! If the skin was a requested idea, I will list that it was requested and who did to give them credit for the idea. If you want a skin, please let me know in the comments, keep in mind that the smaller the project size the faster I deliver the skin! Install instructions for the skins are down below! Toodles

Bumblebee Sion

Mecha Sion recolor for Mecha Sion base chroma

Requested By: niceguy

SpirtFlame Brand

New Brand model chroma + minor particle change. Used for Base, Vandal and Apocalyptic 

Requested By: talia

Pyke Adjustment

Readjusted Base Pyke to look more like cinematic. Bandana, higher saturation, bright eyes.

Requested By: pyke is bae

Hextech Garen

New Model, Particles, and more for Base Garen

Requested By: Vinx

Vigilante Yasuo

New Outfit, New particles, new loading screen card.

Yasuo Skin Idea By: Gustavo

Veigar the Minion

New Model, New Minion attire, slightly adjusted particles. Can be used for Base, White Mage, Baron, Curling and Grey Veigar.

Beast Hunter Rengar

New Hunter Model! New Leopard Retexture! Can be used for Base and SSW

1. Open Fantome. Go to lower right corner and hover over the plus

2. Click Add Mod. Add the .zip skin.

3. Click on the tiny plus on the right side of the skin thumbnail. Let mod install, once it gives you a check, it works.

4. Go into League and press play! Leave Fantome open.

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